Strolling show in situ
Creation 2010
Running time

50mn – 1h10 depending on version

All audiences

Recommended for ages 6 and up


+/- 400 spectators

Stage area

Outdoor (adaptable)


Cécile Durot
Production Manager
+33 (06) 83 85 21 89

A choreographic juggling act, Cooperatzia invites the audience into a world populated by colonels, fish and other beasts whose codes seem to be a mere reflection of reality.

G.Bistaki transforms the landscape, diverting the objects handled: canal tiles and handbags become elements of decor or costume accessories.

A comical and salient version of La Cigale et la Fourmi (The Cicada and the Ant), Cooperatzia laid the foundations of what was to become Bistakia’s artistic identity: the subtle alchemy between the manipulation of objects, physical theatre and in situ performance.

Collective creation by and with

Florent Bergal, Sylvain Cousin, Nicanor de Elia, Jive Faury, François Juliot

Stage management

Rémi Bernard

Video control

Guillaume Bautista

Lighting design and management

Hugo Oudin

Production and distribution

Cécile Durot


Véronique Dubarry

© Photos

Chusico, Damien Bossis, Vincent Muteau

Production and partners

Le G. Bistaki


Circ Que O! • L’Usine, lieu conventionné dédié́ aux arts de la rue – Tournefeuille • Mix’art Myrys – Toulouse • Espace Périphérique – Paris • Association Regards et Mouvements – Usson en Forez • La Petite Pierre – Jegun


La Pépinière des Arts du Cirque Toulousaine, dispositif mutualisé Lido-Grainerie • La Préfecture de la Région Midi-Pyrénées – DRAC Danse • Le Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées • The Spain-France-Andorra Territorial Cooperation Programme • Terréal

Tancarville spectacle G. Bistaki


Bel Horizon
PhotoAccueil-1 ©Cousin-1280

Bel Horizon



La Loterie Fabuleuse (The Fabulous Lottery)

La Loterie Fabuleuse (The Fabulous Lottery)

Au bon endroit au bon moment (In the right place at the right time)

Au bon endroit au bon moment (In the right place at the right time)