Creation in progress

+/- 1h, all audiences


+/- 400 spectators

Stage area

Performance for outdoor spaces, fixed stage

Performing time

End of day / Night


Cécile Durot
Production Manager
+33 (06) 83 85 21 89

Note of intent

The G. Bistaki’s strength lies in the art of creating fictions, fantastic worlds outside any rational space-time.
For this new creation (spring 2024), the research revolves around the transitional and highly symbolic object that is the white sheet.

At the same time an object with multiple uses and qualities, the white sheet covers strong symbolism: it dresses a ghost, is the fabric that shelters our dreams, protects neglected objects and sometimes our memory. The sheet will be the vector of passage from the concrete to the abstract, thanks to transformations of spaces scenographed at sight. Worlds that will be brought together in a strange, disturbing or fantastic way…

Beyond the object, the guidelines forged during our first year of research revealed the need to mix two universes: a real one with “normal” characters (neighbours, workers, inhabitants…), with usual actions, favourable to the change of scenographic decorum with concrete acts; another dreamlike one, closer to our madness and dreams in which the silhouettes come out of a dream world. another dreamlike one, closer to our madness and our dreams, in which the silhouettes emerge from a collective imagination (bourgeois with big wigs, elusive spirits inspired by Japanese yokai, …). The use of the concept of ghost in the broadest sense of the term will offer a contrasting and political reading of these visible and invisible worlds, in relation to current events and the march of humanity. It is the friction of these two parallel worlds, their cohabitation, their resistance, their contamination that we want to question and put into perspective.

Using bodies and everyday objects in space and movement, G. Bistaki offers a creation that intertwines reality and fantasy, showing those who are no longer seen, those who no longer see.

They are the ghosts of our cities, housekeepers, street sweepers, restaurant dishwashers… Those whom anonymity has made invisible to our society. Others, busy and preoccupied, pass by without noticing that between these worlds there is a tension as concrete as it is absurd, a taut thread on which the costumes of everyday life are stretched.

Using an object as common as a white sheet, distorting bodies and stage space in an interweaving of poetic or cruelly real scenes, Tancarville plays out a cinematically written social satire, where the absurd leads to humour. Confronted with our own blinkers, we witness the friction of two worlds that coexist, attract and resist each other: the visible and the invisible, the forgotten and the present, the real and the ghostly. In this cohabitation lie our realities woven from fears, dreams, fantasies… and our weaknesses in the face of a world that too often erases what we no longer see.

Collective creation by and with

Florent Bergal, Sylvain Cousin, Jive Faury, François Juliot

Stage management

Rémi Bernard

Artistic and technical collaborations

In process

Production and distribution

Cécile Durot


Véronique Dubarry

Production and partners

Le G. Bistaki


Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof, Neerpelt – BE • Les Ateliers Frappaz, centre national des arts de la rue et de l’espace public, Villeurbanne • L’Usine, centre national des arts de la rue et de l’espace public, Toulouse métropole – Tournefeuille • La Verrerie, pôle national cirque Occitanie, Alès • La Maison des Jonglages, scène conventionnée jonglage(s), La Courneuve


Ville de Detmold – DE • Ville de Bilbao – ES • Latitude 50, Marchin – BE • Konvent Punto Zero, Cal Rosal – ES • Le Rudeboy Crew, Mont Lozère et Goulet • Théâtre de La Commanderie – L’été de Vaour • Lîle, Vieillevigne

We are currently looking for partners to support this project.
Let’s get in touch to talk about it if you are interested.

Financial supports : Ministère de la Culture – DRAC Occitanie • Région Occitanie Méditerranée • Département de Haute-Garonne * • Ville de Toulouse • Fonds Tranzfabrik – fonds franco-allemand pour le spectacle vivant

Tancarville spectacle G. Bistaki


Bel Horizon
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Bel Horizon



S’arrêter (Stopping)

S’arrêter (Stopping)

Au bon endroit au bon moment (In the right place at the right time)

Au bon endroit au bon moment (In the right place at the right time)